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Prospective Property Owners

With our director, George Sourrys, having a Bachelor of Psychological Science and a deep interest in the field, he made it his mission to help the financial wellbeing of psychologists. Now, 20% of our clients are Psychologists.

Working as a psychologist offers advantages when purchasing or refinancing a home.

For example, normally when a client purchases or refinances, they need 20% of equity in their property to avoid paying loan mortgage insurance. When you are a psychologist, you may only need 10% with some lenders!

The above could save you a great deal on loan mortgage insurance, as well as enable you to have more options when it comes to structuring your finances. 

For example, perhaps in a few years you have the plan to turn your property into an investment and upgrade your owner occupier to your dream home? Getting this structure right from day one can end up saving you thousands in tax and interest!

And that is just one of countless examples where the right structure makes a huge difference! We are thinking of all of these potentials when deciding on your home loan.

Talk to us and we will guide you!

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