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Our Areas of Expertise

GSMB not only excel at all things home loans, but we also offer expert advice in the following areas:

Home Owners

Debt Recycling

The strategy of rapidly paying down your owner occupied home loan while simultaneously building an investment empire.

At GSMB, we have a deep understanding of how debt recycling strategies work. That is, paying down owner occupier home loan debt (bad debt) as quickly as possible whilst simultaneously allowing you to build investment assets. It’s the health and fitness equivalent of building muscle and burning fat at the same time! With the help of other financial professionals, we guide you so that you can build your own investment empire using this incredible strategy!

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Building an Investment Empire

Most of our clients wish to build a Property Empire. GSMB has the skills necessary to guide you on this path.

It is important to have the right broker on your side when embarking on an investment empire, as loan structure is one of the most important decisions you will have!

Furthermore, George will actively use the skills learned in his psychology degree to figure out the 'why' in 'why you want to build wealth' and he will guide you as you move towards this deeper purpose.

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High Net Worth Clients

Many of our clients are High Net Worth or are on their way to becoming so.

Our director and mortgage broker, George Sourrys, having previously worked as a both a Financial Planner and a Financial Tax Adviser, looks at your financial situation with great expertise. He purposefully structures your home loans to achieve the best overall outcomes, whilst engaging with your other financial professionals, so that everything functions holistically.

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