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About GSMB

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Let me introduce myself. My name is George Sourrys and I’m a mortgage broker.


In 2002, I started a career in finance. The greatest part of this is being rewarded with the excitement of standing shoulder to shoulder with my clients while they pursue the great Australian dream – property ownership. Would you believe that I still get a rush every time I make a client phone call and let them know that their dream has been realised? This is why I do what I do! And I’m so very honoured to be a part of every one of my client’s journeys.

If you become my client, I’m going to be sharing some great wisdom and tips. Tips that will save you thousands of dollars and help you to achieve property ownership in greater ways than you could have imagined. I’m in a unique position to do this. You see, I have a degree in psychology. What does psychology have to do with finance? A lot! Have you seen what the market is like at the moment? It is a psychological battlefield. We have never seen a market like this before in history. If you don’t control your mindset, you can make decisions that will make you pay… And perhaps you can remember being (or currently are) an anxious first home buyer?... You see, the psychology of the market is a very real and important thing.

I have also spent over a decade studying and practicing as a financial adviser. So, unlike other mortgage brokers, when I help clients, I don’t just think of the purchase they are currently making. I think of their plan for the long term. What loan will be the most tax advantageous for them both now and in ten years time? What happens if they turn this owner occupier into an investment property? The decisions we make today literally shape our futures. And I’m going to arm you with knowledge and help guide you towards the best future possible.

And of course, finally, I have the hard record of actual mortgage broking. I have seen pretty much everything. But still, I’m sure one of you will surprise me. That’s mortgage broking. No two people are the same and I treat all of my clients as individuals with individual needs. If I don’t know the answer – I will find it out for you. That’s my promise. No fluff. Just straight talking.

But enough about me! Let's talk about you and your situation.

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