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Occupational Niches

GSMB services clients in all occupations. However, we have naturally attracted clients in certain niches. And thus have become recognised experts for clients in these occupations.

Medical Consultation

Medical Employees

20% of our clients are medical staff such as doctors, nurses, physios etc.

Working in a medical occupation offers advantages when purchasing or refinancing a home.

For example, normally when a client purchases or refinances, they need 20% of equity in their property to avoid paying loan mortgage insurance. When you are a medical staff member you may only need 5 or 10%!

Furthermore, some lenders will allow medical staff to use 100% of their income towards servicing (including overtime and penalty rates). Therefore opening the doors for you being able to get greater lending than you could otherwise. This comes in handy when it comes to buying your dream home or refinancing (don't become a mortgage prisoner!).

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